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Varsh, along with other Outlers, watch Adric's attempt at theft. (TV: Full Circle)

"Outler" was the name taken by those Alzarians who shirked working on the starliner and joined a faction led by Varsh. They operated from a cave and performed excursions to steal riverfruit.

To join the group, assent had to be given by all existing members. Also necessary was the answering of the "embarkation question" which queried where the would-be-Outler would be when the starliner took off.

Adric attempted to join the Outlers but did not answer the embarkation question to the liking of the group. Tylos reiterated that those of Elite status were also denied entry and pressed Varsh not to allow family bonds provide exceptions. In order to prove himself to the group, Adric agreed to steal riverfruit, but he failed.

Following the death of Varsh and a resolution to the problematic evolutionary cycle of Alzarius, the Outlers were made redundant. (TV: Full Circle)

A New Alzarian named Yan Fara and a Hiragi named Drell modelled themselves on the Outlers. (AUDIO: Mistfall)

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