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Also called: Gallifreyan
Bases: Gallifrey
Leader: Nesbin
Notable members: Rodan
Appearances: TV: The Invasion of Time, AUDIO: Weapon of Choice
The Outsiders were Gallifreyans who lived in the wild lands outside the Capitol. They lived a primitive lifestyle, wore animal skins and used weapons like bows, arrows and spears to hunt for food. (TV: The Invasion of Time) Best Old Shobogan was a beverage consumed by the Outsiders. (PROSE: The Eight Doctors)

When Leela was banished from the Capitol, she and Rodan (who had joined her) were discovered by a band of Outsiders and taken to their leader, Nesbin. Together, they organised an attack on the Capitol to fight off the invading Sontarans. (TV: The Invasion of Time)

After the disappearance of her husband Andred, Leela lived with the Outsiders for a brief period. (AUDIO: Weapon of Choice)

The Shobogans were a sub-group of the Outsiders. (PROSE: The Eight Doctors)

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