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Overflow camps were a relief strategy sold by PhiCorp to the United Nations, and set up by various governments, in the wake of Miracle Day. (TV: Escape to LA) Around half of overflow camps were converted old army camps (TV: The Categories of Life) and they were compared by some to concentration camps. (TV: The Middle Men)

They made use of the categories of life to group patients, with categories one and two being sent to the camps. Category one patients were taken to Modules where they were burnt alive so that they would actually die, the reasoning being that category ones were the equivalent of dead bodies lying around in large numbers after a plague or famine.

Geraint Cooper was sent to Cowbridge Overflow Camp in south Wales. There he was regraded from category two to one after he suffered a second heart attack. Rex Matheson was taken to a Module in a San Pedro Overflow Camp. He then filmed conditions within the Module and the burning of category one patients. Vera Juarez was put in a Module in the same camp by Colin Maloney and burnt, to prevent her informing anyone of treatment at the camp. (TV: The Categories of Life)

List of camps Edit

Nationwide in Great Britain alone, there were 35 camps. America and Europe quickly adopted the category system, with nations involved in the Pan-African Summit also agreeing to the legislation. China resisted. (TV: The Categories of Life)

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