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Owain Peter Vine was among the chain of individuals whose soul would eventually be reincarnated into the Great Intelligence. He was the reincarnation of James Lethbridge-Stewart. Because of this, Owain treated Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart as his uncle. (PROSE: The Forgotten Son)

History Edit

Owain was born on 16 April 1951. He lived with his parents, George and Shirley, and his twin, Lewis, in Bledoe. His father decided to move there when his boys were very young, hoping the country life would be better for his family than the big city. Owain was a supporter of Arsenal Football Club, but not much of a reader.

In March 1969, the Great Intelligence appeared to Owain as a ghostly boy called Gordon. It used Owain to fight Alistair at Remington Manor in Cornwall, but Owain discovered he was the reincarnated soul of James Lethbridge-Stewart, the soul that would one day evolve into the Intelligence. He used his connection with the Intelligence to help Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart. His twin, Lewis, was killed by the Intelligence, and following the final battle, Owain decided to leave Bledoe and travel. Neither Owain nor Lethbridge-Stewart were quite show how to explain the connection between them, and settled on looking at it as an uncle/nephew relationship. (PROSE: The Forgotten Son)

Owain spent the next couple of months travelling the UK, and hooked up with several people. For a short time he lived in the back of a VW van with Mike and Daisy and others. During that time he became a part of the counter culture movement, and a supporter of CND. He became interested in Buddhism, and the teachings of guru Paramahansa Yogananda. He spoke to his mother every now and then on the phone, but wasn't ready to return home until he had dealt with the death of his twin.

In April 1969, Owain was travelling with Jennie Rudge, who was teaching him guitar, when he came to the grand re-opening of the Fang rock lighthouse. While there he befriended BBC3 cameraman Jim Saunders and witnessed the arrival of a Rutan shuttle pod. He called in Lethbridge-Stewart, and assisted him, Anne Travers and William Bishop in uncovering the mystery of the Fang Rock ghosts. With Bishop, he used Om-Tsor to astral project back in time to 1902 and witness both the Rutan and the Doctor's TARDIS arriving at Fang Rock. After returning to the present, he help kill the remaining Rutan. (PROSE: Beast of Fang Rock)

In October 1969, Owain visited New York City with Lethbridge-Stewart and Sally Wright. (PROSE: Times Squared)

By Christmas, Owain had arrived in Japan after spending a few weeks in Thailand. He gave Alistair a quick Christmas call. (PROSE: Home for Christmas)

In 1990, after years of problems, Owain needed constant care and had been looked after by Anne Travers. The Brigadier didn't like talking about it and hoped that he would recover. (PROSE: The Enfolded Time)

Alternate timeline Edit

In an alternative timeline in which the Intelligence was not beaten by the Doctor, Owain was targeted by the Intelligence once it discovered its earlier soul within him. He was rescued by the Royal Green Jackets, but the Intelligence subsumed their minds. Before the timeline was restored, he was being taken to London by Rifleman Bishop. (PROSE: Legacies)

Behind the scenes Edit

Owain Vine Adrian Salmon

Illustration of Owain Vine by Adrian Salmon.

The Lethbridge-Stewart website contains a character profile on Owain Vine which includes an illustration of him. [1]

Footnotes Edit

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