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The Oxford Union Society was an organisation to which the Doctor belonged. Albion Strakk once forced the Seventh Doctor to produce identification, and his membership card to the Oxford Union Society was amongst several other cards. (PROSE: The Dimension Riders)

Behind the scenes Edit

Steven Moffat Full Talk and Q&A Oxford Union50:33

Steven Moffat Full Talk and Q&A Oxford Union

Steven Moffat gives a talk at the Oxford Union Society.

The Oxford Union Society is a debating society, centred around Oxford University. Steven Moffat gave a took at Oxford Union in December 2016, where he spoke about being rubbish, television writing in general, the Daleks, the BBC and, of course, Doctor Who. During this talk, Moffat revealed the story behind his inspiration for the Weeping Angels, indeed the mystery of their conception.

Some others who've publicly spoken at the Oxford Union Society include Derek Jacobi, Stephen Fry and Warwick Davis.

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