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The Pain-Maker was originally a standard CCPC, but he was modified for use in Inspector Thorne's plan to gain K9 Mark 2's regeneration unit.

Physical characteristics Edit

Pain-Maker resembled a CCPC, but he was bronzed and was given more threatening features, such as a crown on his head and spikeballs on his shoulders and chest.

Biography Edit

He became a robot gladiator in Crashclub and fought in Freddie Maxwell's "destructertainment". He showed himself to K9, Chuckles and Boris and smashed their fuel tanks. Freddie had Boris oppose him in Pain-Maker's first match, as he was one of his best. Boris evaded several of Pain-Maker's attacks, but was soon destroyed. K9 was called on to fight Pain-Maker. Thorne knew Pain-Maker wouldn't be able to defeat K9 and this time Pain-Maker was laced with the highly explosive solarmite which would destroy the entire building apart from a bunker and K9's regeneration circuit. Pain-Maker flashed Boris' handkerchief around, angering K9 ,who prepared to fire. The Pain-Maker attacked K9 but he evaded every assault. K9 refused to fight him; Starkey noted he was too decent to act the way Thorne would. Thorne initiated the Pain-Maker's self-destruct sequence, but K9 scanned it, detected the Solarmite and escaped. K9 later revealed that the Solarmite wouldn't be able to destroy him; only his self-destruct could. (TV: Robot Gladiators)

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