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The Pakoos were an alien race descended from birds of prey. They helped arrange planetary game hunts, which included using humans as prey, for paying customers and royalty.

History Edit

A Pakoo couple, Mr and Mrs Pakoo, were visitors on Platform One to watch the Sun burn the Earth in the year 5,000,000,000. They looked almost identical. The two survived the near destruction of Platform One, but mourned the loss of others like the Moxx of Balhoon. (TV: The End of the World)

The Pakoos, along with the other survivors of Platform One, were later kidnapped by the Elth of Balhoon, who believed that they hadn't tried to help the Moxx of Balhoon and had abandoned him to die. They were rescued from the Elth by the Tenth Doctor. Later, the Pakoos not only forgave the Elth for kidnapping them, but also offered to sponsor him. (COMIC: Reunion of Fear)

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