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Princess Pandora of Earth was an Earth royal who was betrothed to King Pelleas of Peladon in an arranged marriage, or a "marriage of convenience" rather than of love. The marriage was intended to give Peladon a secure footing in the Galactic Federation along with granting Earth a discount in trisilicate imports. Pandora was not happy with her destiny being chosen for her, and Pelleas surmised that there was "someone else" in her life.

In the 41st century, upon arriving on Peladon, she enjoyed wandering the citadel's secret passages. After being annoyed with Queen Belldonia, Pandora was drawn by Sekhmet's voice to her tomb beneath the citadel. Sekhmet killed her and drained her blood to break Sekhmet's blood locks on her tomb. (AUDIO: The Bride of Peladon)

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