PanoptiCon 93 was the recording of an on-stage interview – sometimes called a "panel" — at PanoptiCon, a fan convention. It was recorded on 4 September 1993, but remained largely un-released until it was featured on the DVD release of The Three Doctors.

It principally involved Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning reminiscing to interviewer Steven Wickham about their time on Doctor Who. Nicholas Courtney was apparently meant to take a larger role in the interview, but his late arrival meant that he was onstage for only about five minutes.

Among the things revealed in the interviews were:

  • details about how Pertwee's involvement in audio Doctor Who had been arranged
  • the then-current status of the Whomobile
  • which story neither Jon nor Katy really liked
  • details of Jon and Katy's one and only real fight while working on Doctor Who