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Paradox Lost (novel)

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Paradox Lost
Paradox Lost
Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Companion(s): Amy, Rory
Main enemy: The Squall
Main setting: London, 1910
London, 2789
Key crew
Publisher: BBC Books
Writer: George Mann
Release details
Release number: 47
Release date: 23 June 2011
Format: Hardcover, 238 pages
ISBN 978-1-84990-235-9
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BBC New Series Adventures
Touched by an Angel Borrowed Time

Paradox Lost was the eleventh Eleventh Doctor novel released.

Publisher's summary

"The Squall feed on psychic energy. They spread like a plague and if they are not stopped they will strip the Earth clean..."

London 1910: an unsuspecting thief finds himself confronted by grey-skinned creatures that are waiting to devour his mind. London 2789: the remains of an ancient android are dredged from the Thames. When reactivated it has a warning that can only be delivered to a man named 'the Doctor'.

The Doctor and his friends must solve a mystery that has spanned over a thousand years. If they fail, the deadly alien Squall will devour the world.



  • While fleeing the Squall in a car, the Doctor says that he "hasn't had this much fun since Bessie."
  • Amy brings up the idea of experiments involving drills, but soon states that she "could do without the earth suddenly opening beneath [her] feet again". (TV: The Hungry Earth)
  • Professor Angelchrist reads records of previous incarnations of the Doctor, describing a "tall, thin man with long hair and a frock coat" (the Eighth Doctor), a man with "teeth and curls" and "a long woollen scarf" (the Fourth Doctor), a man who wore a "leather jacket" and "spoke with a Northern accent" (the Ninth Doctor), and a man clad in a "pantomime coat of many colours" (the Sixth Doctor).


  • This story was also released as an ebook available from the Amazon Kindle store.
Paradox Lost Audiobook

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