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Paranormal Planet was a television show on the Psychic Channel.

Lisa Trotter was the talk-show host of the show. In 2009 she wanted to interview Celestial Deidre. However Celestial told Lisa that she had an accident. So Lisa Trotter asked Martin Trueman to replace her. Martin Trueman came to the show at East Acton New Theatre. After a while Martin Trueman made Lisa Trotter and her camera man unconscious and took over the show. He made sure that Paranormal Planet was shown on every TV channel around the world. Trueman wanted to bring his message across as many people as possible, and attempted to place them under the control of the Ancient Lights. His plan was brought to an end by Sarah Jane Smith and Luke Smith, prompting Trueman to become "one with the stars" by letting the Ancient Lights disintegrate him into space. (TV: Secrets of the Stars)

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