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Partners in Crime
Script release: online here
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companion(s): Donna
Featuring: Rose
Main enemy: Matron Cofelia
Main setting: London, 2009
Key crew
Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: James Strong
Producer: Phil Collinson
Release details
Story number: 189
Season/series: Series 4
Premiere broadcast: 5 April 2008
Premiere network: BBC One
Format: 1x50-minute episode
Production code: 4.1
Confidential: A Noble Return
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Another memorable moment
The Doctor and Donna discover the Adipose - Doctor Who - Partners in Crime - Series 4 - BBC03:10

The Doctor and Donna discover the Adipose - Doctor Who - Partners in Crime - Series 4 - BBC

One more memorable moment
The Adipose return home - Doctor Who - Partners in Crime - Series 4 - BBC04:20

The Adipose return home - Doctor Who - Partners in Crime - Series 4 - BBC

Partners in Crime was the first episode of the fourth series of Doctor Who. It marked the reappearance of Catherine Tate as new regular companion Donna Noble. It also saw Sylvia Noble and Wilfred Mott return, as Donna's family. Donna's father Geoff Noble, however, was implied to have died offscreen, following the sudden passing of actor Howard Attfield. Importantly, Rose Tyler made a cameo appearance, heralding her eventual return later in the season.

Synopsis Edit

Donna Noble is determined to find the Tenth Doctor again — even if it means braving the villainous Miss Foster. But when the alien threat escalates out of control, can Donna find her Time Lord before the march of the Adipose begins at last?

Plot Edit

Donna Noble, wearing a business suit, walks down a street on the way to Adipose Industries, as she is investigating them on their new weight-loss drug. Unknown to her, the Tenth Doctor is there for the exact same purpose. Both enter the Adipose offices through different entrances, and pass themselves off as employees of "Health and Safety".

Both the Doctor and Donna then crash a press conference held by Adipose Industries company manager Miss Foster, Donna sitting with the journalists and the Doctor watching from the projection booth. A science reporter, Penny Carter of The Observer, asks what this drug does; Miss Foster gives them a lecture on the science of the pill, and the meeting ends. The Doctor and Donna ask different employees for customer addresses; Donna also takes a pill-shaped golden pendant — a free gift that comes with the pills. Throughout their time at Adipose, the Doctor and Donna have multiple near-misses.

That night, Donna goes to the house of a woman named Stacy Campbell, who is preparing to go out on a date to dump her boyfriend now that her weight is going down so nicely — "I can do better than him now!" Meanwhile, the Doctor interviews another valued customer, Roger Davey, about his use of the drug. Roger tells the Doctor that he knows he's lost a kilo of weight every night by 1:10 AM — that's when he's always woken up by his burglar alarm. The Doctor deduces that this is because of his cat flap. Not only does it let things in, it lets them out too. As the Adipose slogan goes, "The fat just walks away..."

Stacy goes to the bathroom, and Donna begins fiddling with her pendant; the result is that a humanoid cute and tubby piece of fat forces itself out of Stacy's body. Donna, oblivious to what is occurring, then begins to investigate what's going on upstairs. Miss Foster is alerted that there has been an "unscheduled parthenogenesis", and sends out a squad team to retrieve the new Adipose children. The Doctor is also alerted of the "birth" via a Y-shaped hand-held device and runs off down the street to track it. Once Stacy witnesses the Adipose child, Miss Foster activates "full parthenogenesis", and Stacy's entire body is converted into numerous Adipose, leaving nothing but her clothing behind.

Donna, who is now upstairs due to Stacy's screams, breaks into her bathroom just in time to see an Adipose waving to her as it jumps out the window. The Adipose Industries retrieval team scoops up the new Adipose and zooms off in their van, just missed by both the Doctor and Donna — who both give up, and head off in different directions, unaware they are only a few feet away from each other. Miss Foster goes through her CCTV records with her henchmen to find out just who "borrowed" a pendant, and spots her.

Donna cancels Stacy's cab, and goes home, only to find her mother nagging at her about her unemployment. Donna sits at the table, ignoring her, as she tries to get over what she saw. She then goes to see her grandfather Wilfred Mott, who is up at the allotments stargazing. He says she looks like he's drifting, but she replies she's waiting for the right man — the Doctor. She says, "I met him just once...and then I let him fly away." When Wilf urges her to look for him, Donna explains she has — but that he is nowhere. She asks him to keep an eye out for a certain blue box in the sky, and give her a shout if he finds it.

Back in the TARDIS, the Doctor is examining his readings, talking to himself for a moment before remembering that Martha Jones has gone. He stands there in silence.


Miss Foster shows off the pill.

The next day, despite protests from her mother, Donna takes the car to Adipose Industries, parking in an alleyway nearby. Shortly thereafter, the TARDIS materialises immediately behind it. The Doctor and Donna hide in the building until after hours: the Doctor in a caretaker's cupboard, and Donna in the women's bathroom. Donna even goes so far to conceal herself as to pretend she is in church when her mother calls. Miss Foster suddenly stalks into the toilets searching for the thief — and, much to Donna's surprise and relief, instead pulls out Penny Carter.

Penny accuses Miss Foster of faking her results. As Penny is dragged to Miss Foster's office by her guards, Donna follows, peeking through the office door. The Doctor zips to the roof, fiddles with a window-cleaning crane and drops down to the office window. He watches the same event from the other side of the room. Unable to quite see what's going on, both pop their heads up — only to spot each other. They mouth frantic questions to each other while Donna does her best to mime her answers, all the while unaware that they are being watched by Miss Foster and everybody in her office. "Are we interrupting you?"

Donna runs, while the Doctor locks the door with his sonic screwdriver and raises his window-cleaning cradle to the roof, before racing to the stairs. The pair finally meet, but have to keep running and head back to the window-cleaning cradle to lower themselves down for a quick getaway. Before that, though, Donna explains how she went about searching for the Doctor. "'Cause I thought, "How do you find the Doctor?" And then I just thought, "Look for trouble, and then he'll turn up." So I looked everywhere — you name it. UFO sightings, crop circles, sea monsters — I looked, I found them all. Like that stuff about the bees disappearing, I thought, "I bet he's connected." 'Cause the thing is, Doctor, I believe it all now. You opened my eyes to all those amazing things out there. I believe them all..."

However, even though the Doctor locks the pulley with his sonic screwdriver, Miss Foster has a sonic device of her own. She uses her sonic pen to sends the cradle plummeting down, and then she cuts one of the two cradle ropes with it. Donna nearly falls to the pavement, but the Doctor apprehends Miss Foster's pen with his screwdriver, uses the pen to get into Foster's office, pulls in Donna, and then keeps running. All the while, Penny is watching on in complete bewilderment. He frees her, but she starts searching the office for evidence, and is once more caught by Miss Foster and her guards. They tie her up again.



"Miss Foster" confronts the Doctor and Donna.

Miss Foster, with her guards, finally catches up with the Doctor and Donna in the main office, revealing herself to be Matron Cofelia of the Five-Straighten Classabindi Nursery Fleet, Intergalactic Class, who has been hired by the Adiposian First Family to breed the next generation of the species from humans following the loss of their breeding planet. She ignores both Donna's protests about Stacy Campbell's death and the Doctor's that seeding a Level 5 planet is against galactic law, but she and her guards are stunned when the Doctor holds both their sonic devices against each other, creating a violent sonic feedback which he and Donna use as a chance to run. Miss Foster makes a call to her people to notify the Adipose that their cover has been broken — they're going into premature labour.

March of the Adipose

The March of the Adipose!

Down in the basement, the Doctor and Donna head into the cupboard where he hid all day, which has a secondary inducer hidden in the back. He quickly uses the fact that Miss Foster had wired the building to stun her guards. Donna then admits she was a fool to turn down the Doctor's original offer to travel with him, and asks if she can still come. Back in her office, Miss Foster activates the main inducer, which sends a signal to the free pendants that will trigger the Adipose birthing process in the company's one million customers, converting fat, bones and internal organs... and kill the hosts in the process.

In a London wine bar, Sylvia Noble is having a girls' night out; one of them, Suzette Chambers, is an Adipose customer and "host". Adipose start popping out of her, as well as out of Roger Davey back at his home. The Doctor manages to temporarily disable the process by unscrewing his Adipose capsule and attaching it to his inducer, but Miss Foster doubles the power. The Doctor begins to panic as he finds himself unable to stop the imminent deaths of a million people, but Donna offers him just what he needs: a second capsule, to block the increased signal. The second capsule overloads the system, and the Adipose clients return to normal; but ten thousand Adipose have now been born, and are now making their way to Adipose Industries, causing traffic chaos throughout London. The ten thousand will have to do; the nursery is coming.

A gigantic nursery ship arrives over London to collect the babies; while Sylvia gawps at it, Wilfred — the one who's always believed in extraterrestrial life — has his back turned towards his telescope in the other direction and his headphones on, and misses the whole thing. As it arrives, so does a signal from the Adiposian First Family, which the Doctor listens to via the secondary inducer; he suddenly realises that it's no longer the humans, but Miss Foster who is now in serious trouble.

The Doctor and Donna run onto the rooftop to watch several levitation beams carry the Adipose babies up to the ship. Having already seen firsthand what the Doctor can do to even children who he feels are a threat (the Racnoss children), she asks if he plans to blow the Adipose up too, but the Doctor refuses to harm them, as they're just children; they can't help where they came from. Donna openly notes that that is a marked difference from the last time they were in that situation, while the Doctor admits that as a weight loss plan, the Adipose idea does have its merits.

They see Miss Foster in another beam on her way up to the nursery ship. The Doctor pleads with her to get over to the roof and points out that the Adiposian First Family is aware that their actions are illegal, which means they need to get rid of their accomplice. Miss Foster dismisses the threat because she's the nanny - but the Doctor remains worried, exclaiming, "Exactly! Mum and Dad have got the kids now - they don't need the nanny anymore!" At that moment, the levitation beam carrying Miss Foster is switched off, and Miss Foster, with just enough time to realise her fate, falls to her death as the Doctor comforts a terrified Donna. Immediately afterwards, the nursery ship leaves Earth.


"I'm waving at fat!"

Back on the street the Doctor bins the sonic pen as Penny — tied again to her chair — flees the building, unable to cope with what's been happening; as Donna points out, "Some people just can't take it." Donna promptly drags the Doctor off to the TARDIS — and is delighted to realise he parked just a few feet from her car; it's just like destiny!

She promptly starts hauling a ridiculous amount of luggage out of the car boot and shoving it into the Doctor's arms, saying she's been ready to go for ages. The Doctor warns that it is a hard life but accepts her, saying that he just wants a mate. She misunderstands this to mean that he wants "to mate", saying he's just a "long streak of nothing" and exclaiming, "Well, you're not mating with me, sunshine!" The misunderstanding (mostly) resolved, Donna then calls her mum to say she's put the car keys in a certain bin for her to collect before asking a blonde girl to tell her mother, "That bin there". While Donna returns to the TARDIS, the girl, a sad-looking Rose Tyler, walks off down the street and disappears into thin air...

For her first trip, Donna tells the Doctor she wants to go "two and a half miles, that way." Back at the allotments, Wilf is still puttering about when he spots a certain blue box flying overhead. After first yelling for Donna, he takes a closer look through his telescope, and realises she's in the blue box, waving to him from the doorway — and so is the Doctor! He starts whooping and dancing around in delight as the TARDIS spins away into space, happy she found what she was after: "Go on, girl! Go on, get out there!"

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General production staff

Script department

Camera and lighting department

Art department

Costume department

Make-up and prosthetics



General post-production staff

Special and visual effects


Not every person who worked on this adventure was credited. The absence of a credit for a position doesn't necessarily mean the job wasn't required. The information above is based solely on observations of the actual end credits of the episodes as broadcast, and does not relay information from IMDB or other sources.

Barney Curnow is actually credited as "VFX Supervisor" on this episode. However, this credit means "On-set VFX Supervisor". It would be confusing to list him as "VFX Supervisor", as this would indicate he had the same job as the actual VFX supervisor, Dave Houghton.

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Story notes Edit

  • This episode is dedicated to Howard Attfield, who passed away shortly after filming scenes for this episode reprising the role of Donna's father, Geoff Noble. As Geoff was to have been a recurring character in the season, the producers chose to remove Attfield's scenes and bring back Bernard Cribbins to play Wilfred Mott, the character he played in Voyage of the Damned; the character was retconned to become Donna's grandfather and renamed Wilf (although he was unnamed on screen, the character was called "Stan" in the scripts for Voyage of the Damned). Attfield's scenes were preserved and included on the subsequent Series 4 DVD release.
  • According to his memoir The Writer's Tale, Russell T Davies originally planned to introduce a new companion named Penny Carter in this episode, who he describes as 30-something, recently jilted by a boyfriend, and strong-willed in the vein of Donna Noble. When Catherine Tate became interested in reprising her role as Donna this idea was dropped, although a minor character in the episode (the journalist) was given the name Penny Carter.
  • This episode was broadcast at the earlier timeslot of 6.20. TV listings gave it a fifty minutes time slot rather than forty five, stating it to be shown from 6.20 to 7.10. The actual episode clocks in at just under 49 minutes.
  • A certain shot shows an army of Adipose in the streets of London. This was extremely complex and took the series' CGI team (The Mill) more time than most shots used for the series to complete. They used the software called Massive, which was created and used by Weta Digital, who created all CGI for the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.
  • A scene was shown the day before airing on GMTV showing the Doctor and Donna Noble on a suspended window washing platform breaking in while Miss Foster cuts the cable with her sonic pen.
  • Pointing the functioning ends of a sonic screwdriver and a sonic pen at one another (or, as the Doctor put it, "two identical sonic devices") creates a sonic feedback in the surrounding area.
  • The planet Adipose 3 is the first of the missing planets mentioned in this series. The mystery is solved in The Stolen Earth.
  • The scene with Rose was actually shot along with her scenes in Turn Left. It was removed from the episode when it was shown to the media. According to an interview in Doctor Who Magazine #396, the positive reaction to Piper's surprise cameo (which was successfully telecast without any pre-broadcast revelation in the media thanks to this sleight-of-hand) led Davies to add a third surprise appearance by Rose to The Poison Sky, in addition to one already planned and filmed for Midnight (the Midnight footage was reused). Rose's return wasn't a complete surprise, however; besides media coverage of her return, a clip of Rose from Turn Left had also been included in the official Series 4 theatrical trailer several weeks earlier.
  • Miss Foster mentions the Doctor warning the Shadow Proclamation about her illegal activities, suggesting that they are an organisation rather than just a treaty; this was confirmed in The Stolen Earth.
  • The window cleaner cradle scene was intended for use in Smith and Jones but was cut and used here instead. In the first draft, the initial confrontation between the Doctor, Donna and Miss Foster was to have happened in the cradle, but budgetary and logistics problems meant the scene was moved to the sales cubicles area (and the Doctor's "sonic screwdriver plus sonic pen equals massive sonic feedback" diversion added).
  • The Adipose developed from Russell T Davies' idea that alien genetics were hidden in doses of a Botox-like drug, resulting in the people injected being overwhelmed by the genetic code and transforming into aliens; in his Writer's Tale he describes it as "Ladies Who Lunch/Lurch" (one of his cartoons included in the book shows his take on the idea).
  • This was the last episode not to include a pre-credits sequence.
  • Additional material for the episode (namely the reshoots featuring Bernard Cribbins in place of Howard Attfield, and Rose's cameo at the end) was directed, uncredited, by Graeme Harper, according to the DVD commentary.
  • This is the first reference to disappearing bees (which is explained in The Stolen Earth). Although intended as a storyline reference, this is actually a real-life concern.

Ratings Edit

  • 9.1 million viewers

Myths and rumours Edit

  • It was rumoured that Miss Foster was actually the Rani. This turned out to be false
  • It was rumoured that Rose would appear. This was true

Filming locations Edit

Studio Edit

  • Upper Boat Studios, Treforrest

Location Edit

  • Waterloo Gardens, Cardiff
  • Glan Rhymni, Tremorfa
  • Grange Well Park, Cardiff Bay
  • Odeon Cinema, Cardiff Bay
  • British Gas Building, Cardiff
  • Dominions Arcade, Cardiff
  • Picture Finance, Newport
  • Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
  • Crockherbtown Lane, Cardiff
  • Bar Icon, Cardiff
  • Nant Fawr Road, Cardiff
  • Kings Way, Cardiff
  • Fat Cats Restaurant, Cardiff
  • Tiger Tiger, Cardiff
  • Scott Road, Cardiff
  • Grangemoor Park, Cardiff
  • Franklen Road, Cardiff

Production errors Edit

If you'd like to talk about narrative problems with this story — like plot holes and things that seem to contradict other stories — please go to this episode's discontinuity discussion.
  • In every scene Miss Foster's guards change position.
  • When the Doctor and Donna are in the cradle, Miss Foster is seen cutting the cable on the right (the Doctor's side). However, the cable on the left (Donna's side) is the one that snaps. This mistake is confirmed a few moments later; when Miss Foster says, "Now for the other one", she moves over to the cable on the left, which has clearly already snapped. This is realised in the episode commentary.
  • When the Doctor is erecting a sonic cage around the cradle controls, he puts the sonic screwdriver in his mouth, with the emitter facing to his left. When he turns to look at Donna briefly and takes it out of his mouth, the emitter is facing to his right.
  • At 17.21 the numberplate of the Noble family's car is YD55VHG. However, when Donna collects her bags from the car at 43.01 it has the numberplate LN54VKR.
  • In the scene with the Doctor and Donna outside the TARDIS, the rain in the alleyway stops and starts every time the angle changes. The production team had some difficulty filming this sequence due to both the weather (filming had to be rescheduled due to rain) and then a very noisy nightclub nearby, as related by Russell T Davies in The Writer's Tale
  • Miss Foster places an Adipose on her desk, but in the next shot, it's gone.
  • The electrocuted guards disappear.
  • Stacy's surname is given as Campbell in the script, but the end credits refer to her as Stacey Harris.

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Series 4 Volume 1 DVD Cover

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