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Godfrey as she appeared on 31 Who in 1990.

Pat Godfrey was the credited costumer on the Doctor Who television stories The Twin Dilemma and Revelation of the Daleks. Godfrey was the persoon who created the iconic "look" for the Sixth Doctor.

The design process for the costume was especially arduous and went through several iterations. The design that finally won producer John Nathan-Turner's approval was the result of extreme frustration on Godfrey's part. Having been asked to make increasingly "tasteless" submissions, Godfrey finally created a look that she believed was so extreme that Nathan-Turner would find utterly unacceptable. Instead, Nathan-Turner greenlit the concept. (BBC DVD: The Twin Dilemma)

The two later met in a staged segment for 31 Who in which JNT donned the Sixth Doctor's coat and asked Godfrey how she came up with the design. She responded that her brief was to make something "totally tasteless". Both laughed and agreed she had succeeded.

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