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The Pathweb was the (unnaturally) shared intelligence of the Daleks, containing information on their history and experiences. It was more a telepathic link than it was a true hive mind.

At one point Daleks had a command network which one Dalek could use to contact all others to share information. (AUDIO: Jubilee) Susan Mendes and Kalendorf were able to hack into the Dalek Emperor's command network and cause all Dalek technology to self-destruct, creating the Great Catastrophe. (AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter Four)

The Doctor had attempted to hack into the Pathweb at some point but was unsuccessful. Several inmates of the Dalek Asylum attacked him upon recognising him, but Oswin Oswald, already part of the Pathweb because of her conversion into a Dalek, deleted all information connected with the Doctor that resulted in all memory of the Doctor by the Dalek race being forgotten. (TV: Asylum of the Daleks)

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