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Species: Gallifreyan
Place of origin: Gallifrey
Spouses: Omega, the Other, the Doctor
First seen in: Cold Fusion
Other appearances: PROSE: The Infinity Doctors

Patience was the wife of Omega, the Other and a Doctor in another universe.

Biography Edit

Patience's real name was unknown. She was given the name by Tegan.

Early Life Edit

Patience was born in the House of Blyledge on Gallifrey, one of the last Womb-born Gallifreyans. She was apparently "immortal, barring accidents" and lived to be two million years old. She was a young woman when the Pythia cursed Gallifrey with sterility.

Life on Gallifrey Edit

Her husband, one of the first to explore the Time Vortex, married her upon his return to Gallifrey. She was widowed when Omega disappeared after causing Qqaba to go supernova.

Patience became the Other's nurse and tutor, as she had been his father's and grandfather's. They fell in love, got married and had thirteen children. When the Lord President at that time targeted the Other's family, the Other took Patience to the Machine for safety.

Exile Edit

The Machine crashed on an ice planet, where it was eventually found by human colonists in the 26th century. (PROSE: Cold Fusion)

The Other threw himself in a Loom in order to reincarnate as a future Time Lord, which he did as the First newly Loomed Doctor. (PROSE: Lungbarrow) The Doctor retained only fragmentary memories of the Other's incarnations.

It is unknown what order the Other experienced the above events in. If the events of the flashback in Cold Fusion occurred before the events of the flashbacks in Lungbarrow, this would contradict the Other's implication in the latter that he cannot regenerate, as the character in the Cold Fusion flashback is implied to have regenerated. If the Lungbarrow flashbacks come first, this would seem to suggest that the Other seen in the Cold Fusion flashbacks was a reincarnation of the Other before the First Doctor. It is equally unclear whether the information about her being the Doctor's wife given in The Infinity Doctors is the same for the normal Doctor.

Patience, meanwhile, regenerated shortly after the Fifth Doctor discovered her. Provost-General Tertullian Medford, believing Patience to be a threat, shot her in the head, and her body vanished. (PROSE: Cold Fusion) The Ferutu told the Doctor that "It's not the first time you've meet her nor will it be the last."

The Doctor had a picture of her on the wall of his rooms on Gallifrey. The caption read "Death is but a door."

Alternate Universe Edit

In one parallel universe or alternate timeline, Patience did not have the ability to regenerate. After meeting The Doctor and bearing his child, Patience died.

Omega, who had control of history, took her to the anti-matter universe moments before her death. In this universe, Omega was able to give her the ability to regenerate. The Doctor was reunited with her there, but when he was faced with the choice of eternal happiness with her in a fictional world or returning to stop Omega, the Doctor chose to leave and help others. His departure from Omega's universe apparently caused the world to collapse, taking Patience with it. It is unknown if these events occured in the normal universe. (PROSE: The Infinity Doctors)

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