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Patricia "Patsy" Haggard was the liaison with the Ministry for the Preternatural Research Bureau (P.R.O.B.E.).

She was a policewoman under Sergeant Robert Lines in Smallmarshes during the 70s. She brought the Third Doctor and Sergeant Lines some tea while they were talking. (PROSE: The Scales of Injustice)

In her later years she became a close friend of the Bureau's head, Liz Shaw, of whom she'd previously nearly met. She tried to get PROBE the resources it needed in the face of a sceptical government ministry. As the frequent bearer of bad news to Liz (such as when Rutherford removed the only other member of PROBE staff, Lou Bayliss, while Liz was mourning the death of her father), Patsy was occasionally required to be tough with Liz. Even so, she always made up with her quickly. They were far more like friends than work colleagues. Patsy sometimes visited Liz's house for drinks. Patsy had an earlier role in police surveillance. While she had no part in PROBE's investigations, she occasionally took part in police proceedings — such as when she questioned Gavin Purcell. She dealt with at least two ministers — the sympathetic "Sir Richard" and the cynical Brian Rutherford — before she became their successor. (HOMEVID: The Zero Imperative et al.)