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Patrick was a postman who worked around the year 2050.

Patrick was sent to deliver Professor Alistair Gryffen's invitation for the Annual Bournedecker Awards for Scientific Excellence. He was captured by a Centuripede and imprisoned in its hatchery in the sewers. Starkey was also kidnapped and trapped in the alien substance next to Patrick. Starkey warned the alien what Jorjie would do when she found out what it had done to the Major Oak. Patrick hoped that Jorjie was a "super soldier with a couple of bazookas". Starkey said "she is fairly tough, for a fourteen year old girl". Patrick said they were both "toast". Starkey used his Dog whistle to try to call K9. This only gained the attention of the Centuripede.

K9, Jorjie and Darius found Starkey and Patrick. K9 and Starkey stayed to help the aliens while Darius and Patrick ran, Patrick had to carry Jorjie as she didn't want to leave the creatures.

As they climbed the ladder, Darius rummaged through Patrick's postbag to find Gryffen's invitation, hoping for a reward. After the centuripede and its young had flown away, Darius asked to discuss his finder's fee. Patrick protested that Darius could not charge people for their mail, but Darius snatched the envelope and ran away. (TV: The Last Oak Tree)