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Patrick Lake was an MI6 agent who worked with Hugo Wilding on Wonderland. He crossed paths with the Doctor twice, in Prague and Cornucopia.

In November 1989, Patrick was living in Prague with his wife Heather and daughter Annabel, telling them that he was an accountant working for the British Embassy. In truth, he was working for MI6 with Hugo, investigating Yuri Azarov, who was seeking The Sorrows of Prague. He rescued the Eleventh Doctor, who was being chased by his henchman Joseph. In order to save time, the Doctor revealed to them his true identity, and while Hugo was willing to believe him, Patrick had his doubts. However, he still assisted him in rescuing Rory Williams and Rhoda Hoffman, who had been taken hostage by Azarov. The attempt went wrong and while Rory and Rhoda were recovered, the Doctor was captured. After learning that Heather and Annabel had also been captured by Azarov, he immediately took The Sorrows of Prague to him, demanding that his family was returned safely. He was shot in the arm and Yuri took the book, releasing the Mavora Collective. He was saved by Amy Pond, Rory, Rhoda and Saul Hoffman, but by the time he reached his family Heather had become the Golem of Prague in order to defeat the Mavora Queen, and had been destroyed in the process. (COMIC: The Broken Man)

At Heather's funeral, Patrick promised Annabel that he would never lie to her again. His daughter then began training to join MI6. After 2005's attempted invasion of Earth by the Cybermen, the hierarchy of MI6 was gone, allowing Patrick and Hugo to change the way they worked. They proposed a new division of MI6, Wonderland, eliminating threats before they reached Earth. Patrick blocked Annabel's transfer to UNIT in order to have her involved. By 2012, the two had moved to Cornucopia. (COMIC: Hunters of the Burning Stone, The Flood)

Patrick met the Doctor again when he broke into his home during the Tribe of Gum's attack. He was kidnapped along with the Doctor and Ian Chesterton by the Hunters and the Prometheans. They then used a mind probe to learn about Wonderland. In order to stop them, the Doctor put him to sleep. When he woke up, the Prometheans used the Neuron Platform to regress the human race to the stone age. Patrick, the Doctor and Ian were then rescued by Annabel and Barbara Wright. When the Doctor returned to the platform and reversed the process, he suggested they took out the platform with a full strike. He again tried to do so with the Doctor, Ian and Barbara on board, but Annabel stopped him, realising that the Hunters and the Prometheans would destroy each other. (COMIC: Hunters of the Burning Stone)