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A Patrolman worked for International Electromatics in the 1960s. He was tasked with patrolling the suburban compound owned by Tobias Vaughn.

He and another patrolman followed a UNIT agent posing as a lorry driver across the compound. After the driver dumped the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe outside the compound, the two patrolmen caught up with him and asked for the driver's pass. The driver showed it to him, but the patrolman wanted to pull the driver in for questioning. The driver refused, stating the pass was in order. The patrolman said to follow them, but the driver refused, saying he wasn't going back in the compound, and that their was nothing they could do to make him. The patrolman still insisted, but the driver said they weren't on I.E. property, and that if they wanted to hold him, they could get onto the police. The two patrolmen got out their guns and aimed them at the driver. The driver said the matter was sealed, but the two patrolmen fired three shots at the driver, killing him. (TV: The Invasion)