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Paula Engado was the daughter of Miles Engado and a psychologist on Project Eden. She was born in 2139 and taught the Tewa Native American traditions by her father and grandfather, even though that tribe died out long before her time. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

In 2147, she and her father went to Ozette shortly after her grandfather died. (PROSE: Prelude Lucifer Rising)

In 2152, Project Eden was established in the Lucifer system.

In 2157, she became friends with Bernice Summerfield, who was visiting the system with the Seventh Doctor and Ace. Cheryl Russell was having an affair with her and Bernice once walked in on them having sex. Bernice told the Doctor and Cheryl's husband Sam found out.

Paula had been planning to go on an expedition to the gas giant Lucifer in a starpod, but after Cheryl told her she wouldn't leave Sam, she went down early in starsuit. It malfunctioned due to a virus introduced by Piper O'Rourke. Falling through the atmosphere, she joined with an Angel, one of the beings that inhabited the planet.

Her father and Piper went down in a starpod to find her body, and found the Angels having a funeral for her. She told Miles to get everyone out of the system, and then fell into the zelanite seas of Lucifer, dying for good. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)