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Paulus was a young boy. He sneaked into the back room of the bakery of Spaceport One, looking for "yummy cakes and stuff" but found nothing but an office, (PROSE: Amy's Escapade) where he met Rory Williams. Rory told him to run for it, as it was dangerous. (PROSE: Rory's Adventure) The Reptilodon baker chased Paulus out of the bakery, falsely accusing him of stealing a doughnut. Amy Pond asked Paulus to look for the man Paulus had met in the back of the bakery while she distracted the Reptilodon, not knowing that this man was Rory. (PROSE: Amy's Escapade) Rory explained to Paulus that there was an invasion going on. Paulus ran to the front of the bakery, while Rory left through the back. (PROSE: Rory's Adventure) Pursued by Reptilodons that had transmatted in, Amy and Paulus repelled them by throwing cakes and pies at them. (PROSE: Amy's Escapade) Rory warned the Judoon security guards of the invasion, (PROSE: Rory's Adventure) and Paulus watched as the baker was put in handcuffs. (PROSE: Amy's Escapade)