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Paydirt was the nineteenth story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology A Life of Surprises. It was written by Lance Parkin.

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In the 46th century, Stev Grayson, Gould, N-v23 and Professor Kent are excavating a dig site looking for information on Bernice Summerfield.

Later, they discuss the legends they've heard about Benny, and speculate whether an earring they've found belongs to her. Professor Kent tries to explain to the students the nature of fact and legend.

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  • Benny uses "the Professor" as an alias. The Seventh Doctor was often called "Professor" by his companion Ace.
  • In Lance Parkin's Iris Explains, published in the charity anthology Missing Pieces, Iris Wildthyme mentions a version of Benny who had thirteen children with the Doctor.
  • The version of Benny who became "Supreme Commander of all human space" is a reference to two drafts of Parkin's rejected epilogue for The Dying Days, "Valeyard of the Daleks" and "Eulogy of the Daleks."

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