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Peaceniks (short story)

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Main character(s): K9 Mark 2
Main enemy: Federation, Peaceniks
Key crew
Writer: Bob Baker
Release details
Printed in: The Essential Book of K9
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One Man and His Dog Interstitials
Peaceniks was the second story in the K9 book The Essential Book of K9. It was written by Bob Baker.

Plot Edit

K9 is left in space by the crew of MOBILEX due to a difference of opinion. He decides to close down all systems except the distress beacon and await rescue.

Years later K9 awake and sees how life-support-pods from the Aurora are attacked by a Federation war cruiser. K9 asking them to stop. According to Federation Law 566 of the Galactic Council it's forbidden to attack defenceless beings. K9 then destroyed the cruiser according to Federation Law 569. However K9 has been closed down for at least a millennia and since then the Federation has changed. The Federation kicked out several humans out of New Earth because they didn't want to take part at the war and began to attack them. These humans call themselves Peaceniks.

Now K9 enters the Aurora. The people in the ship want to judge him because he destroyed the war cruiser and took lives. K9 should be brought to the Peace Court, where he should be on trial. However at first he is put into a cell. There he meets Starjakk a mercenary in the Legion who is also imprisoned. Along with Starjarkk K9 defends the Peaceniks against another attack by the Federation. A young boy, Leon Meyer, finally thanks K9 for saving them.

Characters Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

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Continuity Edit

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