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Species: Human
Place of origin: England
Appearance: Invasion of the Dinosaurs
Main actor: James Marcus

A peasant from the Middle Ages was briefly sent to London in the 1970s via a time eddy at the same time that dinosaurs were rampaging through the city. He encountered the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith. He thought that the Doctor was a wizard.

The peasant defended himself with a knife. He claimed that a witch had cast a spell on him. He was going to tell the priest so he could have her burned at the stake. He explained that his king was Richard, who was on a crusade in the Holy Land, and John ruled England now. He asked the Doctor to take the curse off him. When the Doctor tried to explain that he wasn't really a wizard and couldn't do that, the peasant threatened to kill him. He lunged at the Doctor just before being taken back to the past by the time eddy. (TV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs)

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