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A group of small penguins could be seen in several locations visited by the Sixth Doctor. The tallest penguin often pointed at the Doctor and one of the smaller ones wore underwear. (COMIC: Once upon a Time-Lord et al) Sometimes they were a group of four (COMIC: Once upon a Time-Lord, Party Animals) and sometimes they were a group of three. (COMIC: Kane's Story, Time & Time Again)

They claimed to be friends with Frobisher. (COMIC: Party Animals)

Encounters with the Doctor Edit

After defeating Astrolabus, the Sixth Doctor and Frobisher walked past the four penguins at the Ringway Carnival. (COMIC: Once upon a Time-Lord)

The penguins then saw the Sixth Doctor and Frobisher when they crashed the TARDIS after their encounter with the Funhouse. The tallest penguin pointed at the the TARDIS crew for a while and they watched as the TARDIS dematerialised. (COMIC: Kane's Story)

When the Sixth Doctor landed his TARDIS in Maruthea, the tallest penguin attempted to get inside it. The penguin told the Doctor that "a friend of his" was inside the TARDIS. The Doctor responded by kicking him out of the TARDIS and dematerialising. The Seventh Doctor and Ace then materialised nearby and walked past the penguins as they comforted the tallest penguin. (COMIC: Party Animals)

When the Sixth Doctor went fishing for Gumblejacks with Frobisher, the penguins walked past him. (COMIC: Time & Time Again)

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