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Percival Quick was a London policeman in the 19th century.

Percival's father was also a policeman. (AUDIO: The Year of the Bat)

PC Quick served under Sergeant Kyle in the Metropolitan Police Service in London in 1889. He investigated the murder of Joseph Buller and reported his findings to the pathologist Professor George Litefoot. (TV: The Talons of Weng-Chiang)

Quick was later promoted to Sergeant, and frequently called on Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago in their new capacity as paranormal investigators in the 1890s. (AUDIO: The Bloodless Soldier, et. al) He helped Litefoot to stop a rogue gentlemans club that cheated its patrons out of there estate. (AUDIO: The Bellova Devil) He saved Liefoot from being killed by a doll of Jago. (AUDIO: The Similarity Engine)

He informed Jago and Litefoot of Ellie Higson's death. (AUDIO: Litefoot and Sanders) He informed Litefoot that he was sacked from being the police pathologist. He later told her that he was rehired due to his housekeeper's word. (AUDIO:The Ruthven Inheritance) He helped Jago and Litefoot investigate the disappearance of Eleanor Naismith. During the investigation he was attacked by a bird. (AUDIO: The Man at the End of the Garden) He warned Litefoot about structural instabilities in his house, after a sphere landed in his house. Following the appearances of large metal spheres all over London, he informed Litefoot that the Metropolitan Police Service was issuing a cover story that they were a part of a stunt by a group of Bohemian artists. Litefoot raised the possibility that this may, in fact, be the case. According to Quick, the police have interviewed the Irish author and playwright Oscar Wilde to that end and were confident that he had nothing to do with it. (AUDIO: Chronoclasm)

The Doctor and PC Quick

Quick and the Fourth Doctor. (TV: The Talons of Weng-Chiang)

He was married. He told Leela that while he had faced some dangerous criminals in his time, "none of them hold a candle to [his] missus in a temper." (AUDIO: Jago in Love)

He had read Wilde's best selling novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. When he found Litefoot in the mortuary, he showed the Professor a recent set of mysterious bodies that have turned up recently. (AUDIO: Beautiful Things) He was intrigued into why Jago was only wearing one shoe in Litefoot's laboratory. Later he investigated Kempston and Hardwick. (AUDIO: The Hourglass Killers) He informed Litefoot of a set of murders that seemed to be random. He later arrested Litefoot for the murder of Jago. (AUDIO: Military Intelligence) He was upset at the apparent death of Jago at the hands of The Colonel. He thought that someone was manipulating the police. He informed Ellie that they were rushing through Litefoot's trial. After the trial he managed to get the police confused into the whereabouts of Jago and Litefoots by sending messages saying that they were at different police stations. He then helped to stop the Colonel. Following the destruction of the Colonel's base he had to help Jago and Litefoot escape being captured by the police. (AUDIO: The Trial of George Litefoot) He was taken by Patsy to see a body. He then investigate the beast of Blethnal Green (AUDIO: The Monstrous Menagerie) After Jack the Ripper escaped, he brought his new victims to Litefoot's mortuary. He later inquired into another body she found but was in fact was a man dragging a body. He saved Ellie from being killed by Jack the Ripper. (AUDIO: The Wax Princess)

After Jago and Litefoot were given a royal pardon by Queen Victoria in 1894, Quick was promoted to Inspector. (AUDIO: The Wax Princess) He asked Jago and Litefoot to investigate a funfair which was where the last place a set of recently dead people. He suggested that they take Ellie out on the investigation. He was concerned when Litefoot was examining the Brontach. (AUDIO: The Backwards Men) He took the fish that Patsy found on the Themes. He was later taken down the sewers to find a body. (AUDIO: Jago & Litefoot & Patsy) As a result of his promotion, he wore civilian clothes. On one occasion, his wife almost did not recognise him out of uniform and nearly hit him with an ornamental champer pot which she kept beside the door. He later arrested Patsy when she was acting strangely. When he learnt where Patsy had placed the barrels, he went to find Litefoor and Jago at the Red Tavern. Finding only Ellie there, she told him that they had gone to Paddington station. He closed the pub and took Ellie to the station. He jumped onto the train that Jago was driving to find out what he was doing, but could get in to it because Jago had locked the carriage he'd jumped onto. He managed to stop the train and to then sedate them. (AUDIO: Higson & Quick) He gave Litefoot a Police Whistle. He saved Ellie from being attacked. (AUDIO: Mind Games)

He wanted to know from Ellie if the Professor was back from his cruise, as there was a body that needed his attention. (AUDIO: The Flying Frenchman) He helped Jago and Litefoot to find Fowler. (AUDIO: Return of the Nightmare)

He was asked by Carruthers Summerton to involve them in a mysterious locked room murder. (AUDIO: The Case of the Missing Gasogene) After Jago's funeral he asked Litefoot to examine a strange corpse, though he later regretted doing that. He then helped to defend the Red Tavern when it was attacked by Zombies. When Luke Betterman asked him to throw some poisoned darts he couldn't hit any of the Zombies. He later accompanied Ellie and Litefoot to the cemetery to dig up Jago's coffin. (AUDIO: The Mourning After) Soon after he asked Litefoot to investigate a murder. He later showed him, Jago and Summerton to another murder scene which was a room that had been turned upside down. He then went to the Museum of Curiosities to arrest Summerton. Roberts told him of a weird being underneath the Themes, who turned out to be the Master. (AUDIO: The Museum of Curiosities)

He was hypnotised by The Master. Later at the Red Tavern he told Litefoot and Ellie about a mysterious creature. He managed to trap the the creature in a house which with Jean Bazemore's help blew it up to kill it. The Master was giving him tasks to do. (AUDIO: Jago & Son) He later went to the theatre where the Master made him feint. He later arrested the Clockwork Maurice. (AUDIO: Maurice) Quick had to bring a dried husk of a man to Litefoot mortuary. The Master got him to bring pieces of Jago and Litefoot's DNA to him. (AUDIO: The Woman in White) In his plans, the Master got him to activate the machines which he used to absorb life essences from humans. He then took the Master's last victim to Litefoot. Quick suggested to them that they asked for the Doctor to diagnose why they were feeling exhausted. He delivered the mirrors to both Jago's office and Litefoot's Mortuary. Madame Sosostris managed to get him to reveal the Master's plans. (AUDIO: Masterpiece)

He invited Litefoot and Quick to view the exsanguinated body of Melchester. Later searching for Litefoot, he discovered that he had been placed in a painting. (AUDIO: Picture This) Quick asked Litefoot to investigate a strange body that was flicking in and out of existence. (AUDIO: The Flickermen) After seeing another death caused by a vampire, he started tracking the murders. (AUDIO: School of Blood) He told Litefoot of another murder, and showed him the body. After Ellie was attacked he helped to get her out of the building. (AUDIO: Warm Blood)

Behind the scenes Edit

PC Quick's first name was not mentioned on-screen in The Talons of Weng-Chiang. Quick was given the name "Percival" when the character was introduced as a regular in the Jago & Litefoot series.

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