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Perfect Paris was an artificially created and maintained perception of the perfect city (of Paris) controlled by an operator running a computer based programme commonly known as the Façade. It was patrolled by robot guards, some of whom like the city of Paris itself were "unreal".

The robot guards had a programmed purpose of protecting the Façade of Perfect Paris. Their weaponry included containment weapons which encapsulated offenders in cubes. Most of the guards were "unreal", to enhance the public's feeling of security, but not all of them. The unreal guards had better weaponry and were harder to kill than other robots.

The Façade operator was only a child when he started to create his dream of a perfect city. As the Façade grew it became stronger, taking over the operator who was unable to leave and kept alive through a drip feed. The Façade fell, thanks to the efforts of the Resistance (led by Jean-Paul and Esme), who eventually managed to download a virus that broke down the walls of "unreality". The Operator was released from his enslavement and gave his full support to the Resistance in rebuilding Paris with a new identity. (COMIC: A Date to Remember / Snow Fakes)

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