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Peshka was the third audio story in Big Finish Productions' second series of Counter-Measures.

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A visit to an international chess tournament isn't quite the relaxing experience the Counter-Measures team might have hoped for. With a defection to arrange and violence erupting on the streets it's time for a dangerous gambit. What pieces will be left on the table when the Endgame approaches?

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  • "Peshka" is Russian for "pawns".
  • Prior to her trip to Amsterdam, Allison had never previously flown.
  • Gilmore is not fond of chess, claiming that "wars are fought on battlefields, not chessboards." However, he is an avid fan of cricket.
  • Shurik Barkov was born in 1943.
  • Marcus Fremington refers to the fictional spy Dick Barton.
  • Gilmore listens to a riot in Harlem, with the characters unsure if this is a psychic bomb or not: "probably not," says Jensen. (This an allusion to the real life riot in 1964)

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