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Peter Anderson Studio took over from BBC Wales Graphics as the provider of graphics for Doctor Who, beginning with series 7.

Perhaps more significantly, though, they were involved in a mutli-stage re-design of the title sequence. For the Amy and Rory part of the series, they heavily reworked the old Framestore version, re-colourising and re-texturing the existing titles. They also completely changed the font used for the credit roll, and added some animation to the above the line credits at the top of the episode. They then unveiled a wholly new title sequence on The Snowmen. Their signature innovation across both designs was in giving the programme title itself a new texture with each episode that suggested something about the content of that story.

A highly prestigious studio, they had previously worked with Steven Moffat on the innovative title design for Sherlock. They also designed the opening titles for a wide range of 21st century UK television shows, including:

The studio was credited on the following episodes:

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