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You may be looking for the actor of the same name.

Peter Cartwright was the Chief Administrator on the SERVEYOUinc-operated United System Research Base.

He was viewing a project by Dr Rutherford for which she was attempting to get funding and had to leave when he received a call about Dr Ballard going into a coma. Later, he was on a call with his superiors when he was attacked by an escaped creature. (COMIC: Whodunnit?)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Although it is not directly stated that he is human, Dr Rutherford's comment made in his presence that toluan salt-beetles are second only to humans in terms of intelligence in the comic story Whodunnit? would have been insulting if he were not human.
  • Although the name plaque on his table is shown several times to read "P. Cartwright Deputy Administrator", he answers the comm with "Chief Administrator speaking", August Hart calls him "Chief Cartwright" and he is clearly the superior of Deputy Administrator Rodney Mellors.

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