Cregeen in 2007. (DOC: Doctor Who: Endgame)

Peter Cregeen was, in his own words, "the person who cancelled Doctor Who" in 1989. His admission of this fact on the 2007 documentary Doctor Who: Endgame was an unusually frank use of the word "cancelled" in connection with Doctor Who's fate in 1989. The official line in the early 1990s had always been that the programme was merely being "rested", but his admission of personal responsibility left no doubt as to his role in Doctor Who history.

From time to time, his name would pop up in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine in the early 1990s, when the publication reported on rumblings from the BBC about future Doctor Who plans. For instance, in DWM 169, it was reported that he had no comment on whether Doctor Who would be returning from its "rest" in 1992.

Cregeen was a producer on the failed thirtieth anniversary programme The Dark Dimension, before being fired as Head of Series in 1994.

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