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While Lorraine Heggessey was the BBC One Controller that put Doctor Who back into production at BBC Wales, Peter Fincham was the Controller during most of the transmission of series 1. He carried on in the position until October 2007.

Little is known of his direct impact upon Doctor Who production or transmission. However, he is known for having commissioned the so-called "BBC One 'Circle' idents, which are almost always seen immediately prior to the airing of episodes, both on BBC One and BBC America. He therefore indrectly influenced the design of the 2009 BBC Christmas idents, although he was no longer at the BBC at the time.

He is perhaps most infamous for axing two major programmes in Britain. At the BBC he cancelled the long-running Australian soap Neighbours, which at various times had starred Alan Dale and Kylie Minogue. After his stint at the BBC, he cancelled The Bill at ITV, which had employed dozens of Doctor Who performers throughout its 26-series run.

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