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Peter Guy Summerfield (born 2601) was the son of Bernice Summerfield and Adrian Wall.

Biography Edit

Birth and early childhood Edit

Peter was conceived while Benny was possessed by the alien sorceress Avril Fenman, who seduced Benny's Killoran associate, Adrian Wall. (PROSE: The Squire's Crystal) Peter was born on the planet Deirbhile by Caesarean section because he was already too large to be delivered normally. Bernice was imprisoned there by the Fifth Axis. (PROSE: The Glass Prison) She gave him the middle name of Guy to honour Guy de Carnac, whom Benny once loved. (PROSE: Sanctuary) Peter's early years were traumatic, marked by wartime deprivations and enforced separation from his mother. (PROSE: Life During Wartime) After the Fifth Axis ocupation, Jason was looking after him he got hold of the time rings and started to take Jason, Benny, Joseph and Sophia through time. When the Time Rings malfunctioned it showed that he would grow up violent. (AUDIO: The Grel Escape)

Teenage years Edit

As he grew into a teenager evidence began to mount that Peter was leaning towards more and more violent tendencies, which was foreseen in his youth. (AUDIO: The Grel Escape) The most extreme example was brought about when Braxiatel tricked Peter into murdering his stepfather Jason Kane. (AUDIO: The End of the World) Unsure whether Peter could even remember killing Jason, Bernice began to distrust Braxiatel and fled the collection with her son. (AUDIO: The Wake) She and Peter travelled together for a while until Bernice was forced to face up to Braxiatel. (AUDIO: Secret Origins) Peter aided his mother in her work and adventures, from saving the Rick Hertz, a colleague Benny's from being killed, (AUDIO: Beyond the Sea) to discovering how some worms became sentient. (AUDIO: The Diet of Worms) Benny was often worried about him, this was displayed by her feelings when Peter fell through time. He was also beginning to show some of his mother traits by trying to work out what to do in the past and initially failing to find a solution. (AUDIO: The Adolescence of Time) He found it interesting to find out that Adrian punched the clones of Braxiatel in Vingus Bank. (AUDIO: Glory Days). Benny was also worried when he was selected for an expedition into the centre of Absence, where he nearly died. (AUDIO: Absence) He spent his time on Earth cracking Braxiatel's logic puzzle. (AUDIO: Venus Mantrap) Peter was the subject of many kidnapping events, first from the Braxiatel Collection's own Clarissa Jones, (PROSE: Parallel Lives) and secondly from Frost. Frost wanted Peter in order to get Benny to Buenos Aires. (AUDIO: Secret Origins)

Peter nearly sacrificed himself to prevent the creation of the Deindum, and had he been able to go through with it they would have become a benevolent, perfect race. Instead they became aggressive and warlike and invaded the past to protect themselves. In the resultant conflict, Bernice was lost in the final strike against the Deindum. (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past)

Peter Teenager

Peter whilst on Legion

Peter was left abandoned as a slave on the planet Bastion. There Peter fell in love with a fellow slave Antonio Tulloch, (AUDIO: The Curse of Fenman) although he was eventually rescued by Braxiatel who took him to Legion. Peter, who had always trusted his mother to save him, was distraught and turned against her. She eventually arrived on Legion, and Peter made it very clear he wanted nothing to do with her. (AUDIO: Paradise Frost)

Peter was the security chief for Legion, he got annoyed when Benny, in a drunken stupor, embarrassed him with stories of his childhood. He also asked her to take a look at Vesuvius when it was crashing towards the planet. He wanted to stop a core breach that would destroy Legion City. He didn't want more murders on Legion. (AUDIO: Vesuvius Falling) He wanted Benny and Ruth to leave when Ruth wanted to get to know him better. He wanted to know more about Ruth, as Antonio thought that there was something wrong with her. He didn't like Jack's interference as well, but eventually told him about the slave pit.(AUDIO: Everybody Loves Irving)

In a simulation from Benny's mind, Benny remembers the teaching programme that she programmed after Peter killed Jason. He complained about being kept inside, and had to meet a psychologist. He wanted jacket potatoes for tea. (AUDIO: Many Happy Returns)

He informed his mother, Ruth and Jack that they were employed on a mission that Braxiatel had obtained for them. (AUDIO: A Handful of Dust) He later accompanied Benny and Jack to Mortis Dock, as people were disappearing from there without a trace. He thought that there was something strange about the HMS Surprise, and wanted to investigate the ship. He told Jack more about Antonio. (AUDIO: HMS Surprise)

He carried on, believing that he and Antonio were in a stable relationship, although Jack and Ruth discovered that he was in fact deluding himself. Some time later, when he was finally confronted by this fact, Jack, Ruth and Braxiatel were stunned to discover Antonio was real, in a fashion. In fact, Antonio was Peter's "mother", Avril Fenman, who was possessing the crystal moon that orbited Legion and had turned him against Bernice. Avril had returned to reclaim her son, although Peter eventually turned against her and killed Avril (and Antonio). (AUDIO: The Curse of Fenman)

He went on a security mission to Morros Prime. He was asked to lead the security on one of Willem van der Heever's masquerades. He noticed that his mother rarely unpacks. He told Benny about the security system. He had to investigate a dead body in a swimming pool. He noticed a video of Willem's wife, Nexo and wanted to stop an attempted murder. His half Killoran DNA made him last longer than the other guests in the gas attack, but he eventually succumbed. After this Benny forgot about him. (AUDIO: The Revenant's Carnival)

He was removed from time by the Epoch and brainwashed to think he was an actor, called Thomas Grant, playing himself and a character called Finn who didn't know his parents. Benny managed to undo this brainwashing in order to defeat them. He then used the Epochs technology to find his long lost love, Antonio. (AUDIO: In Living Memory)

Peter found that Antonio was dead. He later met someone in a club on Bacchus Five. The relationship didn't last when Peter heard him mocking his Killoran-human physiology. Shortly after this he joined his mother when she investigated the Glamour, a device belonging to the Ancients of the Universe. (PROSE: Big Bang Generation)

He later got married. (AUDIO: The Pyramid of Sutekh)

Appearance Edit

A human-Killoran hybrid, Peter looked like a blend of his parents' two species. The characteristic wolf/ape features of Killorans were present, but greatly softened. Like his Killoran father, he had fur, but much softer and finer. His physical strength, while perhaps not as great as a typical Killoran's, was still so great that he was stronger than all but the strongest humans by late childhood. [source needed]

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