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Philip Bannister was Amy and Martin Bannister's son and the father of Tom Bannister. He was an estate agent.

After his father Martin, left him and his mother at a young age it left Philip hating his father, when he had a son he tried to raise his son in the best way possible. However, even so, his wife left him. He blamed his father for it. One day he decided he wanted to get in contact with his father; he killed and burned a Guinea pig and faked it as his mother's ashes; as an excuse to get in touch with his father. He tried to bring his son and his father together.

He found his father in a nursing home. He had begun to confuse fantasy and reality. His father had started to believe he was Doctor Who, the character he had written a television pilot about decades previously. In the fantasy, he travelled in his TARDIS with his granddaughter Susan (based on Amy), Ian (based on Philip) and Barbara (based on his nurse at the home). His eventually succumbed completely to the fantasy. (AUDIO: Deadline)