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Phractons were a cyborg species.

When young, Phractons lived in swamps on their homeworld. Before becoming adults, they were cybernetically enhanced and became warriors. They were installed in globular modules which could fly.

During the 24th century, there was a plague amongst the Phractons which could only be cured by the mineral porizium. They pled with Earth to supply them with it, but were denied. In desperation, they attacked the human colony on Gadrell Major. But there was no porizium on Gadrell Major. Earth authorities leaked the information to divert the Phractons from other colonies.

The humans and Phractons united to fight Shanstra. After she was killed, there were still militants amongst the Phractons who wanted to fight the humans. A shuttle explosion which killed Suzi Palsson and Darius Cheynor mollified them, as they blamed Cheynor for the death of their Commander on Gadrell Major. (PROSE: Infinite Requiem)

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