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Phyllis Dawson was Dr John Quinn's assistant at the Wenley Moor nuclear research facility.

After Quinn made first contact with the Silurians under Wenley Moor, he told only Dawson of his find. She warned Quinn about the Third Doctor when she found the Doctor was searching Quinn's office. Quinn told Dawson about the Silurian the knowledge he intended to get from it, and ignored Dawson's warnings that it might kill him.

When Quinn didn't answer Dawson's calls, Dawson returned to the cottage and found Quinn's body. She advocated UNIT to attack the Silurians in force and later caught the Silurian virus. (TV: Doctor Who and the Silurians)

Behind the scenes Edit

Dawson's first name Phyllis is only given in the novelisation, and is reused in the novel The Scales of Injustice.

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