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Pieter Stubbe was a German mass murderer who was sentenced to death in 1589. Unbeknownst to the townspeople, Stubbe was also a werewolf. He fled rather than die.

Stubbe continued to roam Europe for the next few centuries. He was in Russia in 1812; there, he turned Ileana de Santos into a werewolf.

By 2080, Stubbe's pack — mostly Ileana and her family — was living in ecologically devastated Brazil. After a final attempt to force Ileana to become his mate once again, Stubbe was lured there and defeated by the Fifth Doctor and Turlough when they tricked him into entering the TARDIS, the Doctor taking the TARDIS into Earth's upper atmosphere so that Stubbe would die as his body was cut off from the planet. (AUDIO: Loups-Garoux)