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A planet was occupied by human colonists. It was also home to the rain, a lifeform that resembled water.

History Edit

When the humans arrived to colonise and mine the planet, they began drinking the rain, not knowing it was alive. In revenge for for the humans killing its kind, the rain sliced through the colonists, killing twenty of them in the first downpour, and causing the others to run for the mines.

Downpours lasted for days at a time, not ending until at least one or two people were killed. The rain fell in what appeared to be funnels on the colonists' shelters. After six weeks, the only survivors were Andy, Jack, Susie and the Jacksons. The Ninth Doctor and Rose arrived on this planet, but were saved from the rain when Jack and Susie let them into their bunker.

After the rain got through the Jacksons' shelter, and the Doctor and Rose learnt the rain was a lifeform, the Doctor went outside to negotiate with the rain. The rain stopped, and the Doctor and Rose asked the surviving colonists to quickly head for their spaceship and leave for their original homes. (PROSE: Pitter-Patter)

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