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The Eleventh Doctor was led to a planet after attending John Jones' funeral.

On the funeral, a Cwrier gave the Eleventh Doctor an invitation, in the name of a "lifeform unknown", which led the Doctor and Alice Obiefune into a planet with a lot of trees, so high that Alice compared them to skyscrapers.

The Doctor told Alice he had visited the planet a year before, and that, on this occasion, it was predominantly a desert planet. Back then, a humanoid species inhabited the planet.

However, when the Doctor returned to the planet with Alice, all the several million individuals from the species were gone.

The Doctor found corpses of a Nebulon and a Rockra on the planet's surface. (COMIC: Remembrance)

The planet was attacked by the Planting, a virus which replaced all life on the planet with a forest. (COMIC: The Scream)

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