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A planet was home to the Units, and was also the place of origin of the mind-sharing masks.

Akimus Makassar invited representatives from other planets here, so he could increase his command by placing them in masks. When the TARDIS landed near Makassar's castle, the Units took the Ninth Doctor and Rose in and Makassar made them at home.

Discovering the Doctor was a Time Lord, Makassar asked him to oversee the conference. He did this so he could take over the Doctor's body. When the Units tried putting him into the group mind, the Doctor escaped as a psychic projection. Caught in a mental battle with Makassar, the Doctor's projection tore off Makassar's mask and placed another on his face. Makassar was caught in a loop where he could neither control minds nor obey orders and the Units and the representatives were freed. (PROSE: The Masks of Makassar)

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