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The planet on which the Bank of Karabraxos operated was visited by the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald, heading a team to rob the bank on the one day it was vulnerable, due to a solar storm. (TV: Time Heist)

Astronomical data Edit

Viewed from space, the planet appeared to be a cloudy, red-brown world, in orbit of a volatile and fiery sun. The surface of the planet, away from the glittering, futuristic city, and the Bank of Karabraxos appeared rocky and desert like.

As a result of its proximity to its sun, the planet was often bathed in deadly solar flares; causing solar storms that would ravage its surface. (TV: Time Heist)

History Edit

At some point during its history, the planet became home to the Bank of Karabraxos; a financial institution used by the ultra-wealthy of the galaxy, and run by the villainous Madame Karabraxos.

Following a heist on by the Twelfth DoctorClaraSaibra and Psi to free the Teller and his mate, the Bank of Karabraxos was destroyed in a solar storm. Whether the planet itself survived the devastating effects of the storm is unknown. (TV: Time Heist)

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