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"Planet X" was the name given by George Herbert Sanderson to the homeworld of the xXltttxtolxtol. It was relatively close to Earth, being only a few star systems away. It was similar to Guatemala in terms of environment.

In the 20th century, the planet was dying and had a few thousand years left. The xXltttxtolxtol sent out a probe with their coordinates and a faster-than-light drive. They hoped to find people whom they could take advantage of. Earth took the bait and George Herbert travelled to Planet X. The xXltttxtolxtol used the Cardiff Space-Time Rift for a faster transport, sending pods containing xXltttxtolxtol warriors and which could be made into a portal linking Earth and Planet X. The xXltttxtolxtol were eventually defeated by Torchwood Three. (PROSE: Risk Assessment)

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