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Plastic doll heads. (TV: Spearhead from Space)

Plastic was an artificial substance created on Earth by humans. The Nestenes had a power to control it.

Overview Edit

Plastic could be moulded and shaped into objects when warm. It was used to make such items as mannequins (TV: Spearhead from Space, Rose), telephones, dolls, inflatable chairs and artificial flowers. It was unusual for plastic to have a cold, clammy feeling. (TV: Terror of the Autons)

Only at close range could regular bullets penetrate and blow plastic apart. (TV: Spearhead from Space, Terror of the Autons) A cork fired at high speed from a champagne bottle could also penetrate plastic. (TV: Rose)

Anti-plastic was a substance specially designed to eradicate plastic. (PROSE: Autonomy , TV: Rose)

Plastic was made in factories, some of them being Auto Plastics, which specialised in automotive plastics. (TV: Spearhead from Space) and Farrel Plastics, which created everyday plastic. (TV: Terror of the Autons)

Other instances Edit

Polyethersulfone was a plastic produced at least on the planet Lakertya. (TV: Time and the Rani)

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