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Plumptious Minor was an Earth Empire colony.

Though settled by humans, Plumptious Minor was at one point cut off from the rest of the Earth Empire. During the following centuries, the inhabitants of the planet diverged physically (namely in the shape of their earlobes) and culturally. Unfortunately, their only records from the Earth consisted of old Carry On films, the works of Benny Hill, the Up Pompeii series and Love Thy Neighbour. As such, their language consisted heavily of innuendos and euphemisms, which led to cultural difficulties with others.

When the colony was eventually rediscovered, the Big High Hooha offended the delegate Lady Xhanda by giving her a respectable and traditional greeting on the size of her breasts.

Richard Tarquin Delbert Prekodravac was also a native of Plumptious Minor. He met Bernice Summerfield on the Titanian Queen and was later killed. (PROSE: Ship of Fools)

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