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A poacher was one of several residents of an English village who came under the control of a group of Terileptils in 1666.

At the orders of the Terileptils, he and two other villagers attempted to capture the Fifth Doctor outside the Terileptil escape pod, but the Doctor, Nyssa and Richard Mace managed to escape through a hidden hatchway in the pod.

He later accompanied the headman when he went to stop a villager from executing the Doctor and Richard Mace as plague carriers. On the orders of the Terileptils, the headman locked them in a room in the Miller's barn. When the Terileptils ordered the villagers to take the Doctor to the Squire's manor, the poacher and the headman went to escort them, but Mace grabbed the poacher while the Doctor removed the Terileptils' control bracelet from his wrist, briefly knocking the poacher out. (TV: The Visitation)