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Point of Entry
Point of Entry cover
Doctor: Sixth Doctor
Companion(s): Peri
Main enemy: Velez
Main setting: London, 1590
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Barbara Clegg and Marc Platt
Director: John Ainsworth
Producer: David Richardson
Music: Steve Foxon
Sound: Steve Foxon
Cover by: Alex Mallinson
Release details
Release number: 1.06
Release date: April 2010
Format: 2 Episodes on 2 CDs
Production code: 6Y/AF
ISBN 978-1-84435-449-8
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The Lost Stories
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Official trailer
Music suite

Point of Entry was the sixth Lost Story of Season 23 to be developed into an audio play.[source needed] It starred Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant as the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown.

Publisher's summary Edit

The 16th Century. Playwright Kit Marlowe is attempting to write Doctor Faustus when a darkness descends on his life, in the cadaverous form of a Spaniard called Velez. The monstrosity is in search of a stone blade that was brought from South America...

After a near-disastrous collision with an asteroid in space, the TARDIS makes an emergency landing in Elizabethan England.

These two events are connected. The Omnim are ready. And the point of entry approaches...

Plot Edit

Part one Edit

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Part two Edit

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Cast Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

Point of Entry Big Finish Story Art

Interior art illustrating a scene from the story.

  • This audio drama was recorded on 4 and 5 November 2009.

Continuity Edit

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