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Police and Shreeves was a 2010 Big Finish audio short story read by Sophie Aldred. It features the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

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  • Shreeves are shapeshifters that automatically morph into the dominant species of the planet they are on.
  • The Doctor has a package intended for Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.
  • The Doctor and Ace travel in a BMW car.
  • Ace is employed at a café at the start of this story, just as she was in Dragonfire. She even claims her experience on Iceworld as a way to win the job in this story. San believes "Iceworld" sounds "more like a supermarket", referring to the British Iceland supermarket chain.
  • The Doctor hypnotizes Lambert, suggesting he do better things with his life. The Doctor has been shown to have hypnotic abilities on many occasions. (TV: The Krotons, Revelation of the Daleks, and others)

Notes Edit

  • The story is told by an omniscient narrator, who chooses to emphasise various characters' points of view at different times. However, the narrator generally chooses to emphasise San's perspective over that of the other characters.
  • The author of this story is not the director of the same name.

Continuity Edit

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