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Porridge was, as the Fifth Doctor explained to Nyssa, "a dish made from oatmeal or another cereal, cooked in water to a thick consistency". He added that it was "very nourishing", and noted that while some liked to have sugar with it, he preferred a dash of salt. (PROSE: Empire of Death) It had the same energy signature as Kryon radiation, much to the Eleventh Doctor's annoyance. (COMIC: Ripper's Curse)

Alan Turing once compared the human brain to eight pounds of cold porridge in terms of consistency. The comparison had put Rachel Jensen off porridge for good. (PROSE: Remembrance of the Daleks)

The Wirrn mucous that was used as a food source for human colonists on the Nerva Beacon was jokingly referred to as "forage porridge". (AUDIO: Wirrn Isle)

The Prison served porridge to its prisoners. On one occasion the Twelfth Doctor gave his porridge to Lafcardio. (PROSE: The Blood Cell)

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