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Port Any was a city on the only landmass on the planet Hitchemus. The city was mainly home to artists and musicians. In the middle of the city was Lake Emerson, which joined onto Emerson Creek, which provided water for the farms a little way out of the city. Also near the city were the spaceport and the ruins.

Port Any was also home of the Hitchemus Tigers. Although they looked like the tigers of Earth, they were actually reptilian creatures. They temporarily took over the city after the Eighth Doctor used the Stela (a giant warehouse where past generations of tigers stored knowledge for later generations) to find out about a second, much larger, storehouse under the city. The tigers, under the command of Big, planned to raze the storehouse until they were stopped by the Movement.

The tigers would usually live in the Bewilderness, near the Distill Lake and the Gathering Plain.

Much of the Island remained undiscovered and uncivilised as nobody dared to cross the Bewilderness to explore it. (PROSE: The Year of Intelligent Tigers)

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