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The Posicarians were a species of reptilian humanoids.

Physiology Edit

Posicarians were diminuitive, reptilian bipeds with claws, fangs and bright yellow eyes. They were covered in thick, scaly, red skin, spoke in high-pitched voices and had three fingers on each hand. (TV: Mindwarp)

History Edit

During the 24th century, specifically the year 2379, the Posicarians were engaged in a business partnership with the Mentors of Thoros Beta. A delegate was sent from Posicar to speak with Lord Kiv, who had recently had his mind transplanted into the body of another Mentor. During the delegate's visit, it was attended on by the slaves of the Mentors, the Thoros Alphans. (TV: Mindwarp)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • According to a scene deleted from Mindwarp, the Posicarian delegate's talks with Lord Kiv, the leader of the Mentors, concerned a concession on the price of Posicarian fish. Kiv noted that the planet Posicar was not known for the quality of its seas.
  • The Posicarian delegate's costume was constructed from robes from previous aliens and a Terileptil's head and hands, painted purple.

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